From Dog Accessories to Canary Supplies – 20 Great Products for your Pet!

Dog Accessories111From basset hounds and tabby cats to bearded dragons and Asian box turtles, pets of all shapes, sizes, and species are beloved by millions and play an important role in the lives of adults, kids, and seniors alike. The bond between someone and their pet can be tough for non-pet owners to grasp, but ourselves and countless other pet owners truly understand how much happiness these loyal companions can offer.

That’s why we choose to take care of our pets with quality pet products and accessories. Whether you’re interested in dog accessories, bunny supplies, canary supplies, or just general pet stuff, keep reading to discover 20 terrific products for your pet!

1. Dog Kennels

Not only do dog kennels provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for our pooches, but they also play an important role in the training and development of young pups. Therefore, a dog kennel is one of the most important supplies for a new puppy and should definitely be at the top of your puppy supplies list.

The puppy accessories market is full of cheap pet supplies, but dog kennels are not one of them. However, they do come in all shapes and sizes, so regardless of your dog’s breed, you’re guaranteed to find one of these important dog accessories that’s just right for your dog.

From plastic and wire kennels or crates to exercise pens and travel carriers, there’s a dog kennel out there that’s just right for your beloved family pet.

2. Cat Carriers

It’s funny how we train our dogs to accept kennels and crates from the get-go, but we almost never do the same for our feline friends. However, cats also have special dens or places in which they hide, sleep, and rear their kittens when out in the wild, so they can become accustomed to crates and carriers as well, providing you with stress-free traveling and trips to the vet.

Thankfully, there are a variety of soft-sided and plastic cat carriers on the market to choose from, allowing you to check a major item off of your cat supplies list.

While cat carriers wouldn’t necessarily be classified as cheap pet supplies, there are just as many cost-friendly models as there are top-of-the-line models for the Robin Leach’s of the feline community.

3. Terrariums

When most people think of pet stuff, they typically don’t envision terrariums for a lizard, turtle, or any other reptile. However, there are thousands of pet owners whose ideas of pet ownership extend beyond a dog or a cat. For these people, a terrarium is often a must!

A terrarium is one of the most important turtle or reptile accessories, because it provides them with a small eco-system that’s suited just for them. After deciding on the type of pet for your terrarium, you must decide upon a specific type of habitat, such as savannah, desert, aquatic, rainforest, woodland, and so on. Of course, you’ll have to research to find the habitat that’s best suited for your pet.

In addition to reptiles, many people use terrariums as turtle habitats. So, if you have or are planning on getting a turtle, this is one of the most important turtle supplies you’ll need.

4. Bird Cages

Whether you’re shopping for canary supplies, parakeet supplies, or just general bird supplies online to welcome a new birdie to your family, a bird cage is an essential of bird ownership and one of the most important purchases you could make.

Unfortunately, with all of the various models, sizes, and colors of bird cages on the market, it can be overwhelming when trying to pick the best one to serve as your pet’s new home.

On the bright side, with all of the different options available, you’re guaranteed to find the right one for you. To do so, you have to keep your bird’s size in mind. After all, buying parakeet or canary supplies is quite different than buying supplies for a parrot.

It’s also important to consider perches, toys, and additional bird accessories when shopping for bird supplies online in order to allow your bird to exercise and feel at home. In the end, however, you want to get the largest bird cage possible for your bird to keep him or her healthy and happy for years.

5. Dog Houses

Your dog may officially live with you in the big house, but every dog needs its own space that it can call home. Therefore, a dog house is one of the best dog accessories you can get for your dog!

If you’re simply looking for cute dog supplies or unique dog supplies for your shitzu or chihuahua, you may be tempted to overlook dog houses, but they’re not only meant for large breeds. Although you may not be looking for large dog supplies, a small dog house for your tiny canine will be one of the best dog accessories you ever purchase.

With a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and design features, you’re sure to find the perfect dog house for your best friend.

6. Aquariums

Have you ever been shopping for dog accessories online and run across a big and bright aquarium that instantly made you hit the “buy” button? Well, me neither, but just because you’re a dog owner doesn’t mean you can’t liven up your family room, office, or any other space with a colorful aquarium brimming with tropical fish!

When shopping for an aquarium, you must decide on a freshwater or saltwater model. However, regardless of which type of aquarium you choose, it will add a fun and colorful dimension to any room that you’re sure to enjoy.

Aquariums are not only used to house colorful fish. In fact, aquariums are turtle accessories as well and one of the most essential aquatic turtle supplies a person could buy. The only thing cooler than watching fish swim around in a unique underwater habitat is viewing turtles as they splish, splash, and swim around. Needless to say, aquariums can be considered as important turtle products as well.

7. Aquarium Stands

If you plan on getting a dog, you can plan on getting plenty of dog accessories. Similarly, if you’re going to get a reptile or a turtle, you’re also going to need chameleon supplies, iguana supplies, aquatic turtle supplies, or supplies for any other kind of amphibious or cold-blooded creature you decide on. This includes not only an aquarium, but also rocks, coral, underwater features, and most importantly an aquarium stand.

You can usually place a small aquarium just about anywhere, but larger aquariums over fifteen gallons require sturdy support beyond what a desk or bookshelf can provide.

While style is a matter of taste and preference, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind when deciding on an aquarium stand. Aquarium stands with bottom edge support used to be the most popular at one point in time due to the need to support heavier glass tanks, but modern acrylic tanks are lighter and usually supported by aquarium stands that provide full bottom support for added versatility.

In addition to these two types of stands, there are also mixed media stands that provide room for books, decorations, and anything else. There are also double tank stands that allow for the placement of a second tank, providing you with double the colorful fun without taking up any additional floor space.

Whether you’re looking for fish supplies or turtle supplies, you’re definitely going to need an aquarium stand!

8. Dog Stairs

Dog stairs are one of those dog accessories that you never really think about until your pup is jumping at the side of the bed begging you to let it up. Unfortunately, unlike many types of puppy supplies, dog stairs are not a small investment. While affordable, they are a little more costly than a basic dog collar, chew toys, nail clippers, and other dog accessories.

That being said, if you want to help your beloved little friend reach the bed, couch, or other hard-to-reach places, dog stairs are a must!

From carpeted ramps to cherry wood stair steps, there are a multitude of different dog stair styles to choose from. However, with a little research and some help from us, you’ll find the perfect set of doggy stairs for your pup or little pooch, not to mention a few other must-have dog accessories.

9. Bird Perches

When in the wild, birds run across different kinds of perches in an array of sizes, shapes, textures, and levels of flexibility, which requires them to constantly adjust their grip and exercise the muscles of their legs and feet. It’s important for captive birds to experience the same types of natural exercises to prevent arthritic legs.

When you consider the fact that birds stand nearly all the time, the need for a variety of perches becomes all the more apparent. Thankfully, like canary supplies, parakeet, supplies, and other items you likely run across when shopping for birds supplies online, bird perches are quite inexpensive, so there’s no reason to stop at just one or two.

Your bird should have a variety of perches in different shapes with varying textures, tapers, branches, knobs, and so on. There are plenty of rope perches, mineral perches, cholla perches, cement perches, and natural hardwood perches that will allow you to provide the perfect living environment for your aviary friends.

10. Cat Toys

Cats are naturally intelligent and curious creatures, which are exactly the qualities their owners appreciate about them the most. However, this also means that they need a selection of cat toys to keep them busy and happy; unless you want them tearing up your sofa that is.

Like dog accessories, you can find shelves of space dedicated to cat toys at your local pet store and they’re cheap pet supplies that certainly won’t break the bank. Since a bored cat is a naughty cat, it’s important to provide your cat with a variety of toys that will serve as an outlet for his or her boundless curiosity and energy.

Luckily, there is a wide array of fun cat toys that are sure to do the trick. The most popular cat toys are catnip bubbles, little plastic balls and whistles, and almost anything tied to a pole and a string. So, like dog accessories, you’re guaranteed to find plenty of fun and cheap toys for your family’s feline.

11. Dog Toys

Between collars, harnesses, beds, nail clippers, and everything else, there are dozens of dog accessories needed by every dog owner. However, out of all the dog accessories you could get for your special pet, dog toys are perhaps the most needed and definitely the most fun!

Chewing and playing are natural behaviors for any dog, so toys are essential large dog supplies. Since puppies are full of boundless energy, however, toys are even more important for young pups. Therefore, they should definitely be on your puppy supplies checklist.

Thankfully, when it comes to pet stuff, dog toys are the most fun dog accessories to shop for. From rope toys and interactive dog puzzles to floating toys and toys that dispense food, there are definitely some great dog toys that will provide your pet with hours upon hours of entertainment.

If you’re going to shop for puppy accessories, picking up a few of these popular toys is a must!

12. Cat Towers

Cats love to climb, and the higher up they are, the happier they are. So, if you have a new kitten and are looking forward to checking a few things off of your cat supplies list, a quality cat tower may be one of the most important items you could purchase for your new feline.

If you’re sick and tired of seeing your cat on top of the fridge or up on the kitchen counter, a cat tower may be the answer to both you and your cat’s prayers.

A traditional cat tower features boxes for your cat to climb inside of and relax or sleep. A cat tower also typically features a variety of perches that your cat can jump onto and sit while they observe their surroundings.

Most cat towers are carpeted, which provides your cat with warmth in the winter, coolness in the summer, and a surface that can be easily gripped. Although cat towers are by no means cheap pet supplies, they are an essential item for every cat owner.

13. Rabbit Runs

Like dogs, cats, and other active animals, rabbits need space to jump, run, and play. Thus, if you’re going to get a cute and cuddly bunny, you’re going to need a rabbit run.

Just like there are certain dog accessories needed by a dog, there are certain accessories needed by rabbits as well, and a rabbit run is one of the most important.

Your rabbit run should be a large covered space that allows your precious pet rabbit to stand all the way up on his or her hind legs without its ears touching the ceiling. It should also be connected to your rabbit’s house or cage, allowing it to move freely back and forth.

Although there are dozens of rabbit runs to choose from, there are absolutely some that deserve a spot on your rabbit supplies list. Rabbit Runs go hand in hand with other must-have bunny supplies to keep your cute and cuddly bunny as healthy and happy as possible.

14. Aquarium Accessories and Decorations

Whether you have an aquarium or a terrarium, you’re going to need to fill it with turtle accessories, reptile accessories, or fish accessories to make it the best possible environment for your aquatic or amphibious pets.

Most aquarium owners make the mistake of choosing fish or aquatic turtle supplies and decorations that they like best, forgetting to consider the fish or turtle supplies and decorations that would actually be best for their pets.

Although waterfalls, plants, rocky caves, and much more are available to choose from, the key is to select items that will make your pets feel the most comfortable in their surroundings. This will improve their appetites, allow them to display better color, and help them exhibit their natural behaviors.

15. Dog Harnesses

Many dog owners are happy with a collar and never even consider dog harnesses as necessary dog accessories. However, if you’re looking for large dog supplies or even supplies for a new puppy, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out a dog harness or two.

Dog harnesses are becoming increasingly popular as more and more dog owners are using them as an alternative to traditional collars. Not only do dog harnesses make it easier to control dogs when taking them for a walk, but veterinarians also recommend them for pugs, Boston terriers, Pekinese, and other dogs with short noses.

As is the case with most dog accessories, there are a variety of dog harnesses to choose from. For instance, there are sled harnesses, padded harnesses, medical harnesses, and even car safety harnesses. While you’re not necessarily going to need any of these specialized harnesses, there are still quite a few different types of harnesses in an array of materials, types, and sizes.

With a little help, however, you’ll be able to find the right dog harness and other dog accessories for your loving canine.

16. Hamster Cages

When people think of hamster supplies, they typically envision large, multi-colored plastic cages and tubes that twist in every which way. While you are more than free to create such a structure for your pet hamsters, hamster cages definitely don’t need to be so elaborate!

Like most pet stuff, hamster supplies are relatively inexpensive, but this doesn’t mean you have to literally pinch your pennies when you’re shopping for a home for your favorite little pet.

Although you’ll find a number of hamster cages and other cheap pet supplies online or at your local pet store, certain hamster cages are simply better than others. Some cages, like the multi-colored tube ones mentioned above, may look cool, but some can be impractical and tough to clean.

That being said, we’re here to help you find the best hamster cages and hamster supplies on the market today, so your hamster can be set-up with a water bottle, bedding, chew toys, and a place to call his own in no time at all!

17. Dog Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are by no means cute dog supplies, but unless you want to go through the hassle of taking your pooch to the vet every other week for a nail trimming, they’re definitely must-have puppy supplies that deserve a place in your dog accessory arsenal.

However, you have to decide on a type of nail trimmer before you begin clipping away. Fundamentally, there are four different types of dog nail clippers available: scissor-style clippers, pliers, guillotine-style clippers, and grinders.

Like most dog accessories, deciding on a pair of nail clippers comes down to the size of your dog and your preferences. Luckily, there are plenty of unique dog supplies and excellent options that will surely be a perfect fit for your dog’s nails.

18. Reptile Heat Mats

At first, most reptile owners overlook heat mats when shopping for reptile accessories. However, this is a huge mistake because reptiles are cold-blooded and require a heat source, such as the sun, in order to function properly.

Not only are heat mats water resistant and excellent heat sources for your fun reptilian pets, but they’re also designed to blend in and not detract from your pet’s nicely decorated dwelling.

So, when you’re shopping for iguana supplies, chameleon supplies, or supplies for any other reptile, a reptile heat mat should be at the top of your list.

19. Turtle Tanks

Shopping for turtle supplies may be a little different than shopping for puppy supplies and dog accessories, but it can be a ton of fun decorating your turtle’s home and making it just right.

Before shopping for a turtle tank and accompanying turtle decor or aquatic turtle supplies to decorate the space, you should first research and find out exactly the right habitat for your kind of turtle.

A turtle tank should be large enough to provide plenty of room for your cute little pet to grow. In fact, some freshwater turtle species can grow to over a foot in length, so it’s important to get a tank with plenty of room to grow into. Ideally, you should choose a turtle tank at least 20 to 30 gallons in size.

After deciding on a tank, you simply need to find the right kind of turtle accessories to fill the space and make it an ideal environment for your turtle friend.

20. Dog Collars

Last but not least, dog collars are one of the most essential dog accessories for a dog owner. Whether you’re shopping for puppy supplies for a cute little ball of fur or a large working dog, a dog collar is the most important item you could buy for your canine pal. Not only does it provide a place to display a name and contact information should your dog become lost but it’s also a key step in providing your dog with basic discipline and getting them used to important control techniques that any pet dog needs to learn sooner rather than later.

The Best Pet Accessories are Essential!

Whether you’re after dog accessories, or looking for something for your new cat, canary, turtle or ‘significant other’ pet, the absolute importance of choosing the right type and best quality pet accessories should never be underestimated!

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